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Flexistore is a digital solution for storage. In their app a customer can easily reserve, pay and access a close by storage, and with digital keys, the customer get instant access to the storage and can move in at their convenience

— Branding
Brand Strategy
Logo, Colors & Typography
Company Collateral
Designed and Built their responsive Website

— Website responsible to March 2019

— Process
My thought process started with that the concept of self-storage is nothing new. When Scandinavians used to live on farms every family had a space close to their home in which they stored all the things they didn’t wanted or needed in the main house.

Today many of us dosen’t live on farms but the need for that extra space has never been more real.

We live in smaller spaces, have hobbies and collect more stuff. We also want our homes to be a sanctuary, free from clutter. In other words, we don't want to have all our stuff in our main house.

Flexistore was by that inspired by the old days to create a modern experience of a Norwegian 'bod' - that extra space next to your main house, and by using new technology it should be just as seamless to store and collect your things as if the storage space was a part of your home.

The red and white colors are inspired from the typical Scandinavian houses. And the logo is inspired by the pattern that is often seen on the doors of barns.