Molteno Hotel



Molteno Hotel is a new hotel located in Stellenbosch, South Africa, offering their guests everything the modern traveller values.

— Branding
Logo, Colors & Typography
Website Design

— Built their responsive Website

— Process
The initial brief was to create a logo for the modern and luxurious Molteno Hotel using the Molteno family crest.

However, I felt that a crest was more inline with “tradition” and therefore not the right strategic way to go for a modern hotel that utilises digital solutions to improve guests stay.

The hotel lies is in Stellenbosch, an area famous for winemaking, although the Molteno family has never grown grapes. With influences from their Italian roots they started over a decade ago to grow olives instead - which became a huge success.

That was a story I felt connected with the brand, too dare to think new and to do things differently.

The olive branches in the logo symbolises the Molteno family heritage but also the bravery of starting something new